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Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC is a Dually Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in family medicine as well as psychiatry. She is also the CEO and Co-owner of Global Wellness Center. Tiffany obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 2013 from Mt. Carmel College of Nursing and completed her Master of Science in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner Certification in 2017. Tiffany also received certification as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in 2022.

During her career she has worked in the medical surgical area, population health, pulmonary and sleep medicine, community, mental health as well as addiction medicine. Tiffany also serves as an adjunct professor of nursing. Tiffany’s goal is to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health, and help individuals live a life free from addiction and debilitating mental health complications while building relationships with patients, families, and communities.

Mrs. Johnson specializes in treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, addiction, trauma, schizophrenia, etc. She is passionate about providing quality, compassionate, and comprehensive mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults. Tiffany possesses strong clinical skills and has a natural ability to build rapport with patients and families, while following evidence-based guidelines and implementing clinical experience, personal observation and intuition into the care provided for each patient.

We understand that seeking assistance for mental health can be daunting, but you’ve taken the first step. Our office is dedicated to helping you and your family reach goals that you can be proud of!

Tia Carrington

Tia Carrington MSN, APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC is a nurse practitioner who has almost 20 years of experience in medical, mental health, and community health. Tia is also the Chief Operating Officer and Co-owner of Global Wellness Center. She is a dual certified nurse practitioner. Tia’s passion is assisting adults, adolescents, and children live healthy and fulfilling lives, while reaching their life goals. In working with people with trauma, her goal is always to help individuals become survivors and not be limited by depression, anxiety, PTSD, and abuse. Tia specializes in treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. Tia believes in showing compassion and meeting people where they are. Tia provides holistic care at the highest level, while showing empathy, as she works hard to build a therapeutic relationship.

Ms. Carrington earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in 2004. She completed an MSN/NP in family practice at Chamberlain University in 2016. She is also a certified psychiatric mental health NP since 2022. Tia has experience working with children and adolescents in mental health in both the outpatient and residential setting. As a nurse and a nurse practitioner her passion has always been community health, from working in HIV/PREP/Trans care, prenatal care, and education in the homes of teen and young adult first time mothers as well as primary care/mental health/contraception in Columbus City Schools for children and adolescent at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Tia’s experience also expands serving the adult population for primary care, alcohol, and substance use disorder treatment, while also serving as an adjunct nursing professor.

In her free time, Tia enjoys traveling, spending time with my family and friends, attending summer events and festivals, and going to the movie theater and concerts. I know that taking the first step is hard but suffering in silence is not an option. Let us work together so that you can live!

Brendan Phillips

Brendan Phillips is a dedicated and highly skilled licensed independent social worker, renowned for his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of individuals struggling with adult mental health and substance abuse issues. With over 13 years of experience in the field, Brendan’s profound empathy and extensive knowledge have earned him a reputation as a trusted ally for those on the path to recovery.

Born with a natural inclination towards helping others, Brendan embarked on his journey towards a career in social work. He pursued his higher education at the esteemed University of Southern California, where he earned a Master’s degree in Social Work. This comprehensive program equipped him with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to make a meaningful impact in the field.

Throughout his illustrious career, Brendan has honed his expertise in adult mental health and substance abuse. His multifaceted approach encompasses various therapeutic modalities, including group therapy and individual counseling, tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual he serves. Brendan understands that recovery is a deeply personal journey, and he empowers his clients to take ownership of their healing process.

Brendan’s commitment extends beyond the confines of a traditional therapeutic setting. He has been instrumental in establishing and overseeing supported housing programs, providing a safe and nurturing environment for those in need. Additionally, Brendan possesses an acute ability to manage crises, offering timely and effective interventions that stabilize situations and pave the way for sustainable progress.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration within the community, Brendan took on the role of a liaison with the Columbus Ohio drug court. In this capacity, he forged critical connections between the legal system and mental health resources, ensuring that individuals facing substance abuse-related legal challenges received the support and resources necessary for rehabilitation and recovery.

Brendan’s clients consistently express their deep appreciation and admiration for his compassionate and client-centered approach. He creates a space of trust and understanding, allowing individuals to open up and embark on their journeys towards healing with confidence and hope. Brendan’s ability to connect on a personal level fosters a sense of empowerment and self-discovery in his patients.

Brendan Phillips’ legacy is one of transformation and empowerment. Through his tireless dedication to the well-being of others, he has helped countless individuals find hope, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose. His impact extends far beyond the therapy room, resonating throughout communities and leaving a lasting imprint on the field of social work.

Brendan Phillips stands as a beacon of compassion and expertise in the realm of adult mental health and substance abuse. His profound commitment to the well-being of his clients, combined with his extensive experience and comprehensive approach, has earned him the respect and gratitude of those he serves. Brendan’s legacy serves as an inspiration for current and future generations of social workers, reminding us of all the profound difference one dedicated individual can make in the lives of others.

Shantina Chavis

Shantina Chavis is a case manager with over 16 years of experience, and has worked with children, adults, and the elderly in the clinic and community setting. She is compassionate and dedicated to her patients and their families while providing quality, personalized care. Shantina collaborates with other agencies within the community, as well as physicians, nurse practitioners and licensed social workers to help patients achieve wellness and autonomy through assessing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluating the steps needed to meet the patients’ health and human needs. Shantina enjoys making a difference in the community, with a goal of meeting the needs of those she serves.